10 Amazing Animal Accomplishments

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Animals can often be trained to do the basics: sit, stay, roll over, and fetch. And then there are the overachievers. These animals set and break world records along with expectations for their species. animal things, animal things,animal things

Sometimes, animals can even beat us at our own game, becoming successful in ways many humans never could. Here are 10 impressive accomplishments achieved by the animal community.

10. Mice That Surf And Skateboard

Shane Willmott lives on the Gold Coast in Australia where he and his pet mice spend the summers surfing the waves.

As a teenager more than 30 years ago, Willmott began teaching his pet mice to surf. Inspiration struck while he was visiting the beach with some friends. He noticed the formation of tiny waves near the shore and wished he were small enough to ride them. Then he realized a mouse would be the perfect-sized creature to take advantage of the incredible miniature surfing conditions.

Willmott’s training process begins in his bathtub, where his mice learn to balance on the boards. Then the critters progress to Willmott’s backyard pool, where they become accustomed to movement in water by being pulled behind a remote-controlled boat. After the mice have mastered being towed in the pool, they are ready for the beach.

During winter, the water is too cold for Willmott’s mice. Instead, they skateboard in the park Willmott built for them in his backyard. The mice ride down ramps and do impressive tricks, such as jumping through a ring of fire.

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