10 Amazing Natural Phenomena

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From a coastline drenched in stars, to a fiery pit of doom, the world we live in has some amazing sights to see and for those who are planning a trip or two, these locations are ones they need to consider. Not all of the vistas in the world are catalogued and easy to find, so below some of the less travelled roads are featured. For those who are looking for some travel destinations that are a little bit different from the classic tourist stops, these epic scenes maybe the ones you’ve been looking to immerse yourself in. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

1. The Danzia landform, China

The rocks where rainbows sleep. This collision of colours is the result of over 24 million years of mineral deposits settling down over the red sandstone of the mountain range. The seamless stripes that coat the terrain give the impression that the land itself has been graffitied over with chalk. This vibrant landscape gives backpackers a unique hiking experience to add to their travelling memoirs, including sights of naturally formed rock towers, waterfalls and ravines.

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