10 Amazing Things About Rottweiler Dogs

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Rottweilers are a popular dog breed known for their loyalty, power and endurance. The personality of these dogs varies from dog to dog depending on socialization. Some are natural clowns while others are reserved well behaved house dogs. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

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Rottweiler’s build signify great strength and agility with a confident, alert and noble expression. These dogs have a history of herding cattle and its only natural for them to attempt to “herd” their owners.

Rottweilers are intelligent and hardworking dogs that also make good police dogs. Here are 10 amazing facts about rottweiler dogs.

Huge appetite

Rottweilers have an appetite that matches their size. Depending on the level of activity and age of the dog, a rottweiler can eat between 5 to 10 pounds of dog food every week. Males are characteristically heavy feeders compared to females due to their massive body size. Their feeding should be monitored since they have the tendency to overeat and this could significantly increase their weight.

2. These dogs could have originated from Rome

It is believed that rottweilers may be descendants of drover dogs from Ancient Rome. These were roman cattle dogs which accompanied Roman armies and their cattle through Switzerland into Southern Germany. In the middle ages, rottweilers were used as herd dogs and bear hunting dogs. They could prevent cattle from straying and also guarded the herd during the night.

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