10 Amazing Things About Rottweiler Dogs

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3. Rottweilers were perfected in Germany

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When the Roman armies entered southern Germany, they carried with them the rottweiler’s ancestors. Rather than slaughter their cattle for meat before embarking on the journey, they traveled with their cows since there was was no method of refrigeration then. Naturally, they needed some assistance to keep the cows in line and the rottweiler’s ancestors were perfect for the job thanks to their stamina and endurance. These dogs were eventually interbred with local German dogs to create the breed that is known today as the Rottweiler.

4. Their name can be pronounced in two ways

Since the rottweiler is a German breed, its name can be pronounced as “rott-vile-er” the German way or “rott-why-ler” in the United States. Both pronunciations are acceptable.

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