10 Amazing Things To Do In Scandinavia

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Scandinavia’s mixture of impressive rugged landscapes, unique Arctic wildlife and Nordic heritage make it an exciting and diverse part of the world to visit. I know it’s definitely somewhere we hope to visit in the future! So if you’re looking at visiting, or have a trip booked, here are some of the top attractions that Scandinavia has to offer. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

1. Stay in an ice hotel in Sweden

Advertised as ‘the coolest hotel in the world’, Sweden’s Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi is the world’s first ice hotel. Everything from the glasses at the bar to the furniture is built from ice. Even the beds are built from ice – although reindeer fur and polar-tested bedding ensures that you still get a good night’s sleep. No two rooms are the same and artists are often invited to carve out new ice sculptures and build new suites. With room rates starting at 1,500 krona a night, it’s certainly not a cheap stay, but the fact that it’s such a unique experience makes it worth it. The hotel is kept at a constant temperature of -5 degrees, so it’s best to wrap up warm (there are hot tubs and a sauna though when you need a break from the cold).

2. Go whale-watching in Iceland

Whales can be spotted all around Scandinavia’s shores, but for your greatest chance to see these mighty sea creatures up close, you’re best heading to Iceland. Boat tours from Husavik in the north have the highest success rate (it’s worth hiring a car to get here). Twelve types of whales can be found swimming off Iceland’s shores, as well as porpoises and the white beaked dolphin. There is also a whale museum in Husavik that is also well worth a visit whilst in the area.

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