10 Amazing Things To Do In Scandinavia

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3. Take a trip to Lapland

Lapland is the famed home of Father Christmas and is Scandinavia’s most northerly region. Here you’ll find picturesque villages and scenic wintry landscapes, perfect for a magical trip away with the kids or a romantic getaway. You’ll find a number of spa hotels in Lapland that are perfect for a relaxing break. As this Lapland activity holiday guide shows, there are also plenty of active pursuits for thrill-seekers in this region such as husky sledding and snowmobile rides. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

4. See the sights in Stockholm

For an exciting city break, Stockholm can be an excellent destination. It’s full of historic architectural sights including Drottningholm Palace and Stockholm City Hall. You can also take a promenade through the city’s historical centre Gamla Stan, containing the city’s iconic multicoloured buildings. It’s worth buying a Stockholm pass to save you time and money when getting around! Whilst you’re in Stockholm, don’t forget to also dine of the city’s signature dish of meatballs – there are countless restaurants to choose from.

5. Visit Legoland in Denmark

For a memorable trip with the kids, why not try Legoland! Situated next to the original Lego factory, this amusement park is the world’s largest and the original Legoland park. There are a number of rides to choose from and of course the famous mini lands built from millions of Lego brick. It’s worth visiting this park over a couple days in order to make the most of it!

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