10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Disney Presssed Penny Collection

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One of the most affordable and collectible souvenirs found in Disney World is the pressed penny. Penny pressing machines can be found throughout Disney property, and because these machines are replaced regularly, there is almost always a new penny to add to your collection. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

That said, many people have trouble figuring out what to do with their pennies once they’ve been collected. Clearly you’ll want to do something fun and interesting with yours, otherwise they may just end up sitting in a box, untouched for years.

So what’s a penny collecting Disney fan to do? Here are some of our favorite solution to this common problem.

10. Grab a Book

The easiest and most obvious way to keep track of your penny souvenirs is with a book made especially for that purpose. These books can be found at various shops throughout Disney World, and they provide slots that are just the right size and shape to hold flattened pennies. How handy is that?

9. Start Scrapbooking

Of course, you could use a photo album to create a DIY penny book. Better yet, why not make a full-fledged scrapbook and use the pennies—along with photos and other mementos—to commemorate your trip in a cute and creative way? Be sure to store your scrapbook somewhere easily accessible so you can relive those wonderful memories over and over again.

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