10 Incredible Things Robots Can Do

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Happy Robotics Week! We have a fun list here that will make you say “Robots do WHAT?!”

Once the stuff of futuristic fantasies, robotics has really come into its own! From cooking dinner to performing surgery, robotic capabilities are rapidly expanding far beyond the auto assembly line and into trades and tasks that once seemed impossible. Read on for a summary of some of the surprisingly helpful things robots are doing right now and be amazed! amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

Believe it or not, robots can:

1. Cook!

Choose a recipe from the programmed library and Moley Robotics’ Robotic Kitchen will make it for you – from measuring and mixing ingredients to baking, broiling, simmering, and stirring.

2. Outrun You!

A mechanical cheetah built by the engineers at MIT tops out at speeds close to 30 m.p.h. This cruisin’ kitty is designed to help with search and rescue efforts in disaster areas that are not smooth enough for wheeled robots.

3. Fly the Friendly Skies!

Drones are robots, too, and they’re working all over the world, doing everything from delivering blood to monitoring Australia’s shorelines for sharks.

amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

4. Help You See Better!

Robots can turn a series of numbers into prescription eyeglasses, all in less than an hour!

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