10 Incredible Things to See and Do in Sacred Valley, Peru

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3. Chinchero’s color culture

If colorful Andean textiles catch your eye, a visit to Chinchero means going into the heart of this art. Chinchero is a town at 12,342 feet above sea level. There you will find a Quechua community that weaves using an ancient textile art with a thoroughness that they could only have inherited from the Incas. There are tours that show you the process to make and dye blankets and garments. It’s recommended you visit the old square and the baroque style colonial church to understand how the Inca and Spanish cultures mixed together.

4. Dream closer to heaven

If you want to push your experience in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, there is a hotel suspended in the air for the more intrepid explorer. The Skylodge Adventure Suitesof Natura Vive are actually a set of capsules where a maximum of 12 people can stay a night or visit for lunch, all at 1,312 feet above the valley. To get to Skylodge Adventure Suites you need to climb a mountain via ferrata or by zip-lining. You need to book your stay or lunch at least two months in advance. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

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