10 Incredible Things to See and Do in Sacred Valley, Peru

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5. Fill your water bottles at Tambomachay

Tambomachay was an Inca place for storage and, above all, a place where the water was worshiped. Here, the Inca bathed, taking away the impurities of the mundane; it was his “spa”. Although the translation of Tambomachay into Spanish reveals that it could’ve been a military post, we can still see how water continues to travel through its canals and aqueducts. You’ll see that the Incas made two waterfalls out of one, and how, by putting a bottle of water in each waterfall, both fill up equally at the same time. That’s perfection. A visit to the hot springs nearby is a must.

6. Inca science

The Incas’ technology will never cease to amaze the world. In Moray, an archaeological complex dedicated to agriculture, it is believed that the Incas built a laboratory to domesticate the plants that came from other parts of the empire. Its circular terraces reveal something spectacular: there is more moisture in the terraces below than in the upper ones, demonstrating several microclimates that are essential for growing plants from other regions and climates.

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