10 Incredible Things Women Achieved While Pregnant

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Prior to the 1950s, cultural norms (supported by the medical establishment) reinforced the notion that pregnant women were quasi-invalids, in a fragile state of health that required avoidance of fatigue, overexertion, and much physical or mental activity beyond ?light housework.? As the science has advanced, with a few exceptions, it supports the idea that most pregnant women are able to partake in the same activities and work they pursued before they were expecting. amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

For the women in our list below, that meant continuing to excel, accomplishing things that would be impressive by any standard, all while bringing their unborn children along for the ride. Here are the amazing things these pregnant women did…

10. Ran a Marathon

Running a marathon while pregnant – showing an impressive ability to field two intense physical challenges simultaneously – isn?t that unusual. Elite distance runners often train while pregnant. However, Amber Miller?s 2011 Chicago Marathon stands out even amongst those of other expecting marathoners. Miller, an avid runner, had previously twice completed marathons while pregnant?at 17 and 18 weeks along. But for the Chicago Marathon, which she had registered for days before she learned of her pregnancy, Miller was almost 39 weeks along. With the permission of her doctor, and pursuing a slow walk-run pace, Miller decided to play it by ear and see how far she could go. As Miller explained, ?I was feeling really good? so I just kind of kept on going,? all the way to the finish line, though she took almost 3 hours more than her typical marathon times to do so. Shortly after reaching the finish, Miller felt her first contractions.

Hours after finishing the marathon, Miller completed her second physical feat of what had to feel like a VERY long day?giving birth to a healthy baby, daughter June, who weighed in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces. ?The race was definitely easier than labor,? according to Miller, who also noted, ?We are extremely happy, but very tired.?

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