10 things that only Arizonans find funny

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GUN-TOTING. CYNICAL. SURVIVALIST. Leathery. Strong-willed. These are just a few potential adjectives that outsiders think of when they conjure up a typical native Arizonan. As a result, we Arizonans defend ourselves with a wit sharper and crasser than an infected fishhook barrel cactus thorn. Not unlike our states hot climate, our humor might seem dry at first, but once we warm you up, you’ll have a hard time not melting into laughter along with us. Here are 10 things that only Arizonans find funny. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

1. That priceless face that gringo visitors make when they cover their taco in too much habañero hot sauce.

It’s truly precious how so many taco stand newbies immediately dump the hottest sauce available all over their toddler-sized carne asada burro and try to cough it down as the roof of their mouth sizzles. If you want to make any Arizonan laugh in pitiful scorn, literally start crying during your overly-macho peacocking.

2. Intentionally and loudly mispronouncing regional words — like saguaro and gila — in a mixed crowd.

The best part is adamantly instructing listeners that we’re right and all others are wrong. It’s especially funny to think of them “correcting” their friends once they get back home to Michigan.

3. The horror that non-locals experience when they see and smell their first javelina up close.

Postcards and kids’ books make the collared peccary seem tame and even soft. Hilarity ensues when non-Arizonans see those sharp tusks pointed at them for the first time and smell their musky, glandular emissions.

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