10 things that only Arizonans find funny

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4. Two-wheel-drive Datsun pickups loaded way too high to get under the rapidly approaching overpass.

We can’t help but giggle and give wide berth to the 1970s trucks creeping at 20 miles per hour down the interstate. Their beds spill over with mattresses stacked sky-high, overstuffed brown couches, the occasional child, and unfinished two-by-fours hobbled together with too few, too well-worn bungee cords.

5. Mock shootouts and other Western reenactments.

It’s not that the shootouts themselves are necessarily funny, but we chuckle at how so very into it the actors and tourists get. Sites like the OK Corral are four-deep with miserable screaming fourth-graders and dedicated history buffs who should know that these traps are painfully shy of accurate. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

6. Other people’s sunburns

Seriously, there is no shame in slathering SPF 70 sunscreen on and wearing a big hat, even on cloudy days. The wrath of the blistering Arizona sunburn is real. Maybe we can conjure sympathy the first time it happens to a friend or family member. After that, it’s fair game for pointing and laughing.

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