11 Amazing Things That Happened For LGBT People In 2017

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It’s been a tough year, but we’re still making progress.

There’s no denying 2017 has been a bitch of a year. But as it draws to a close, it’s worth acknowledging all the forward momentum we gained. Here are 11 wins the global LGBT community chalked up in 2017. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

1. Australia, Germany, and Malta legalized marriage equality.

Germany, Malta, and Australia all legalized same-sex marriage in 2017. That means a total of 26 countries have passed marriage equality laws in the last 18 years. This year, Taiwan also set the stage to legalize same-sex marriage beginning in 2019.

2. More out LGBT people won U.S. elections than ever before.

More than half of the 71 openly LGBT candidates who ran for office this year won their races in November. Among the victors were many history-making trans candidates, including Lisa Middleton in Palm Springs, California, Danica Roem in Virginia, Andrea Jenkins in Minneapolis, and Tyler Titus in Erie, Pennsylvania

The international LGBT community also saw some big political wins in 2017: Ana Brnabić was elected as the first openly gay (and first female) Prime Minister of Serbia; Leo Varadkar became the first openly gay Prime Minister of Ireland; and Tomoya Hosoda became the Japan’s first out trans elected official.

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