25 Amazing Things Deleted From Fallout 4 (That Would Have Changed Everything)

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Fallout 4 was released seven years after the success of Fallout 3. Though Fallout: New Vegas was released in 2010, gamers wanted a new numbered entry to the Fallout series. Fallout 4 was soon published in late 2015. Fans were thrilled to enter the post-post-apocalyptic wasteland once again. This time, players took on the role of a voiced protagonist named Nick or Nora as they searched for the stolen son, Shaun. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

Fallout 4 doesn’t end after finding Shaun. The game will take the Sole Survivor up and down the Commonwealth, including Maine, in the Far Harbor DLC. Bethesda continued to release new expansion pack content for years. Even after the DLC stopped being developed, Bethesda launched the Creation Club, which updates the game almost weekly with new paid mods.

Bethesda continued to release new content, but fans were curious about what was left out. As with most game development, concept art and ideas begin to flow, but making them work in the game can become a challenge. Fans took to the task of looking over game files to see what may have been left out in the final version. Gamers who didn’t have access to Fallout 4’s data instead looked at the Art of Fallout 4 artbook. There were several beautiful illustrations in the book that showed monsters and items designs that were left out of the final product.

Thanks to devoted fans, we got a glimpse of what was left on the cutting room floor. There were several quests, items, and monsters that never made it intoFallout 4. Our list contains some spoilers for the end-game content, including Far Harbor. Keep reading if you’re ready to learn what you missed out on in Fallout 4.

25. Become The Commonwealth’s Greatest Librarian

Not every Ghoul in Goodneighbor is a terrible person. Daisy is a good-natured Ghoul who tried to help others, both human and mutant. She will ask if you can return an overdue library book for her at the Boston Public Library. After you return it, the quest is over.

There may have been more opportunities to return the Commonwealth’s overdue library books.

Similar to other radiant quests, your task would be to return a specific number of books. The reward is a BPL compressed data holodisk.

24. Yet Another Strange Business

amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

Nuka-World may seem like an amusement park of endless possibilities. The Sole Survivor will have few opportunities to learn about the park during their adventures. Within the cut content, you would have learned about the terrible truth about toxic waste stored in the park. According to a Pre-War holotape, a worker named Dusty states: “Said we can’t store any more waste under the bottling plant while we’re waiting for the new disposal system to come online. Seems like some of the barrels started leaking, so they got a bit of a mess on their hands.”

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