25 Incredible Things About The Incas That Will Astonish You

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It was the largest pre-Colombian civilization in the Americas and it sprawled a distance of 5,230 km (3,250 miles) or approximately the distance between New York and San Francisco. With millions of citizens the Incas constructed tens of thousands of kilometers of roads through some of the harshest terrain on Earth yet never discovered the wheel. Get ready because these are 25 incredible things the Incas did that will astonish you!

1. Although the Inca were the largest pre-Colombian American empire, they lacked a written language

2. For this reason (lack of census records) estimates of their size has varied ranging from 4 million people to nearly 40 million

3. The Incas practiced something known as skull deformation. Basically they wrapped cloth around the heads of their kids so that they would elongate.

4. Some of their kings would only wear their clothes once and then burn them

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