25 Incredible Things Found In Airports Around The World We Never Expected

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Even for a no-frills or expert backpacker, there can be times where you get a little tiresome of the same old hum drum business at the airport. The same old cafeteria style menu options with the exorbitant markup graciously added, the laundry list of rules that you might feel are constantly changing which inevitably causes pangs each time you approach the security cue. There’s also the maddening maze that is the general nature of most international airports. amazing things,  amazing things, amazing things

It seems that in a massive effort to offset these frustrations that many airports have gone the extra lengths to create distractions or top shelf amenities to supply travellers with a little something to look forward to. We figured it best to compile a list of 25 shockingly great offerings at airports around the world from therapy dogs to a full-on planetarium, this list oughta put a little pep in your step on your next trip to a new airport.

Just when you thought that you had seen and done it all…


Feeling a bit drained? Whether it’s your cell phone, laptop or your energy levels have hit a new low, feel free to swing over to Concourse B in Indianapolis International Airport to recharge your batteries. Literally.

Human powered kiosks by WeWatt means you can plonk down, plug in your device and get your heart-rate up all in one go!

For any more active travellers it can simply be a way to blow off some steam before your flight and boost circulation which can be amiss when sitting on any longer duration flights. If you’re a social media superstar, get ready to sweat it out before you can send out those Snaps.


We are all fairly acquainted with the in-flight movie. It is honestly one of my favourite parts of travelling because I forever assimilate any new movies I’ve seen for the first time to that particular plane ride.

But what happens when you’re stuck in a long layover and you forgot to upload all your favourite programs to your thumb drive? Well if you’re at Minneapolis St Paul International or Portland International airports, you are in luck because these airports boast full cinemas!

The movies you can screen will be unique to their locations and are meant to showcase local talent. If you’re looking for a blockbuster, you can visit Singapore’s Changi airport, or for a 3D or 6D IMAX experience there’s Hong Kong International or Delhi’s Indira Ghandi Airports respectively.

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