26 incredible things emma watson has achieved at 26

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6. she has her own fair trade fashion line

Emma worked as creative advisor with People Tree on the range and tried on every single item in the collection. She said, “It was an incredible and life-changing experience – I really wish everyone had the chance to see the difference Fair Trade makes with their own eyes”.

7. and she’s been the face of a whole bunch of others

Beginning with Teen Vogue at just 15 (youngest star ever on the cover btw), Emma’s modelling career has seen her as the face of Burberry, Chanel, Lancôme and LOADS more.

8. she may have helped make the harry potter soundtrack too

Her IMDB page lists her as a “performer” on one of the songs for The Deathly Hallows but she wasn’t credited. She has been known to play the piano and sing though so she’s either being really humble or doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s a secret musician. Or both, we think it’s both.

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