5 amazing things you can do in Ireland this autumn

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It is autumn, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year! Despite the fact that the days are getting shorter and shorter, this is not an excuse to stay indoors, as there are plenty of things to be appreciated outside and have fun.

For this reason, we are bringing here today some ideas to help you to shake up your usual routine and make the most of your autumn in Ireland. Check this out! amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

1. Go for a Walk

There’s nothing better and cheaper than a simple autumnal stroll. You will definitely be surprised with the kaleidoscope of colours the season gives to the parks in your neighborhood, for example. This is a good time to visit the Dublin Mountains and also to explore the grounds of Ireland’s many castles. You can start visiting Malahide Castle and Gardens, for example. Located just over 25 minutes away from Dublin, this is absolutely perfect for an autumn walking.

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