5 Vastly Underrated, Incredibly Awesome Things About Being a Dad

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1. Being a father is an opportunity – a golden, juicy, can’t-miss opportunity – to be completely, utterly, unashamedly, proudly RIDICULOUS.

That’s right. And admit it, you want to be ridiculous. You want to build a Duplo tower to the ceiling, specifically for the joy of knocking it over. And you want to do it again. You want to make explosion noises. You want to act out a scene with a bunch of Beanie Babies that ends in a giant fight. You want to play hide-and-seek and use the little hiding spot you’ve been eyeing since you bought the house. You want to crush a wiffleball with a red fatbat and make crowd noises as you trot around imaginary bases. amazing things, amazing things, amazing things

People at the office frown on all these things. I know that from experience.

But when you’re a dad… ridiculous isn’t just tolerated. It’s celebrated. Little onlookers will giggle and laugh and think, “Daddy’s the BEST.” And your wife will even find it attractive. Imagine that.

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