7 Amazing Natural Phenomena that makes an Unforgettable Holiday

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Witnessing the grandeur of the Aurora Borealis is on the bucket list of many, and it’s common that some make it a trip to try to catch this beautiful natural phenomenon. But do you know that there are many equally amazing sights that nature has given us that is worth the trip as well? amazing things,  amazing things, amazing things

While less well-known, the following list showcases some other equally stunning natural phenomena that can make your trip an unforgettable one:

1.Pink Lake Hillier, Australia

As the name has it, the Pink Lake Hillier, located in Western Australia  provides for a rare visual treat. The lake is nestled among dense emerald-green woodlands and situated right next to the Pacific Ocean, making its bubblegum pink colour more pronounced and shocking to the eye.

Lake Hillier is situated on Middle Island and the Lake is approximately 600 metres long and 250 metres wide, covering an area of around 16 hectares. Unlike other pink lakes in Western Australia which fade out during the summer months, the vibrant hue of Lake Hillier is permanent, making it a year-round destination for you to catch. What’s sad is that you can’t really access the lake, but you can definitely take a helicopter ride to catch a glimpse of this beautiful natural wonder.

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