7 Incredible Things That Will Happen Before 2050

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The world is constantly moving forward with technological advances, with various new technologies coming out every year. In 50 years from 1950 to 2000, the world has gone very far, we have created multiple nuclear bombs and tested them in various locations. We have walked on the moon. Perhaps the most wondrous technology is the internet, which has given us the ability to hold so much data and information always at our disposal. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

However, the amount of progress we have made in these 17 years of the 21st century is much more exciting than the progress made from 1950 to 2000. We have self-driving vehicles, mechanical brains, renewable technologies to improve our real world and Artificial Intelligence to improve our virtual world. However, there are still many years left in the first half of the 21st century and there are still many more incredible things to come. Here are 7 incredible things that will happen before 2050.

Artificial Brains

Randal Koene, a neuroscientist with funding from a wealthy Russian investor and his team of scientists plan on mapping the entire human brain and it’s every function by 2045. This will, in theory, enable them to create an artificial model of the human brain. The team will be able to map out a particular person’s brain and replicate it like writing a code and hence, be able to make a perfect copy of it.

In theory, even if the person’s body wears out and dies, they can technically stay alive forever through their artificial brain. Think about it, people around you, anyone you see may become ‘immortal’ in a sense, in this lifetime. While the idea may seem like a typical sci-fi movie, the real-life implications could be endless. These artificial brains could not only exist at a human level but it could even help people reach the depths of outer space.

In medicine, it could be implemented on a microscopic scale and humans could study bacteria and viruses on a much closer scale than ever which would help in understanding many different diseases. However, your consciousness could also be transferred in an artificial robotic body, making you an actual real-life cyborg. It is still a big ‘if’ as this kind of technology will require a lot of money and a lot of time to develop.

1. Eradication of Poverty

The World Bank has calculated that over 700 million people live in conditions of extreme poverty. This is a large number of unfortunate men, women, and children; however, it is a significant decrease. In 2012 it was calculated that over 900 million people are living in conditions of extreme poverty which means that around 200 million people have been rehabilitated in only 5 years.

These people earn less than an average of $1.90 per day. While these figures suggest that the world is only falling deeper into this pit, the World Bank estimates that extreme poverty may be nearly eradicated by 2050. In fact, it says that roughly 3% of the population will be living under the extreme poverty line by 2030.

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In 2042, around the time the world reaches the population of 9 billion and the richest person will be a trillionaire (estimated figures), most people in the world will be far above the poverty line. Nonetheless, if poverty is to be eradicated within this time, a lot of work must be done. However, to achieve this goal, a huge amount of effort needs to be put in by the financially stable population of the world.

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