7 incredible things you didn’t know about ‘The Incredible Hulk’

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Learn where to spot yak hair, James Bond villains, and legendary comic book artists in the 1978 TV series.

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Actually, Dr. Banner, we love it when you blow a fuse. Then again, we never had to face the wrath of the Hulk.

For five seasons, primarily on Friday nights, David Banner wandered America, performing good deeds with the occasional green outburst. As one of the earliest Marvel heroes to go live-action, the big guy was a pioneer of our superhero-saturated pop culture. Here are seven things you probably didn’t know about The Incredible Hulk.

1. Bond villain Richard Kiel was originally cast as the Hulk, and one shot of him remains in the pilot.

Best known for tormenting Roger Moore as the metallic-toothed Jaws in several James Bond films, Kiel landed the role of the Hulk and began filming the pilot. Measuring at over seven feet tall, Kiel had the height for a Hulk. However, the son of producer Kenneth Johnson noted that he did not have the bulk of the Hulk. Enter bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, who had just finished fourth in the inaugural World’s Strongest Man competition. One shot of Kiel remains in the first episode, an overhead view as the Hulk looks up a tree, pictured.

2. His wig was made of yak hair.

Ferrigno sat in the makeup chair for three hours to go green. Fortunately, he was not allergic to yak.

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