8 Amazing Things that Happen Once You Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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If you put your efforts back into your own success and being content, there will be a shift toward happiness in your own life. Two experts share the benefits of working on this.  amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

1. You will gain self-worth

When you compare your life to someone else’s, it’s usually the result of you not feeling good about yourself.

“Unfortunately, this game has few winners and leads you to the no-win trap of degrading or judging yourself or someone else. It can also lead to jealousy, anger, resentment and even hatred for yourself or another person,” explains Jaime Pfeffer, author, life balancing and success coach and meditation teacher based in Singer Island, Florida.

Once you let go of the comparing your life others you allow yourself to focus on yourself and your own strengths, talents, and accomplishments. “If you’re always looking at keeping up with other people or comparing yourself to other people, you’re likely overlooking your own strengths and talents. You may even hide your talents and strengths,” she says. Once you stop comparing your life to others, self-esteem will increase.

2. You will clear your head

By letting go of comparisons, Pfeffer says you will gain back valuable time, energy and headspace that you were wasting on unfair, unrealistic and illogical comparisons with others. “When you spend time wishing for or coveting what other people have, you are only hurting yourself,” she says.

“You are essentially focused on this other person in an unhealthy manner, and wasting your precious energy on them instead of you.”  If you really want to have what someone else does, consider the notion that they probably worked diligently and gruelingly for what they have, and then turn that around and make it work for you by giving yourself the attention you crave and deserve, Pfeffer says. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

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