8 Amazing Things that Happen Once You Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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5.You gain trust

When you stop comparing yourself to others, you are also increasing your trust in yourself and the universe. According to Pfeffer, you gain faith that your skills and talents will be in demand and that you will come out on top. You will continue to have a brighter outlook and gain empowerment, and can focus on what you can control: you.

6. You have more gratitude

Letting go of comparisons facilitates what you should be grateful for in your own life. Write down your thoughts to stay on a healthy path. “Keeping a gratitude journal allows us to go back and reread all of the amazing things that happened in our lives, and keeps us focused on the positive because we can see in black and white all of our wins,” says Lynn Owens, a life coach in Memphis, TN.

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