8 incredible natural phenomena

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Nature is mysterious and unpredictable, and often leaves us open-mouthed at the inexplicable manifestations of its power. Though you may think moving rocks and blood-coloured rain is some sort of joke or miraculous occurrence, science has an explication for (almost) everything. amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

From our point of view, Mother Nature continues to be a fascinating mystery. So let’s take a look at eight of the most amazing natural phenomena.

1. Northern Lights, Iceland

The Aurora Borealis, or Australis, (depending on if it occurs in the north or south) is an optical phenomenon which manifests itself in the atmosphere with bright spots, generally red, green or blue. Scientifically, it is caused by the interaction of charged particles (protons and electrons) from the sun with the Earth’s ionosphere. The phenomenon is more intense during periods of high solar activity.

2. Sort sol, Denmark

During the months of March and April, in the southwestern marshlands of Denmark, you can experience the “sort sol”, which literally means black sun. Sort sol is the event when up to one million birds flock to the skies during sunset and the sun is actually blocked by the birds, hence the name black sun.

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