8 incredible natural phenomena

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3. Lightning storm, Venezuela

Lightning storms are a beautiful, but also quite scary, atmospheric phenomenon. The bright bolts are triggered when the electrical activity is particularly abundant during a storm. The longest and most intense lightning storm recorded lasted for hours on end and occurred in Los Angeles 9 July 1999. The highest rate of ligntning storms was recorded in Venezuela close to the Maracaibo lake with 232 lightnings per year and square kilometre.

4. Moonbow, Zimbabwe

This rare atmospheric phenomenon is not a rainbow, but rather a moonbow, as it is caused by the reflection of moonlight instead of sunlight. The best seasons to experience a moonbow are during autumn and spring. Such moonbows may be seen close to waterfalls like in Yosemite National Park, California. They may also be seen near Corbin, Kentucky or Victoria Falls as well as in Africa on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe where this picture is from.  amazing things, amazing things,amazing things

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