9 incredible things to expect in the new Game of Thrones spinoff

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3. A different beast

House Targaryen has very little involvement during this period of Westerosi history but fear not dragon lovers, there’s a new beast in town.

The Grey King in the Iron Islands: the first ruler of the Ironborn, once fought a great sea dragon. Yes, that’s right. A sea dragon named Nagga.

After being treated to Dany’s superb scenes of magnificent beasts as they rain fire from above, it would be cool to have a more naval approach to dealing with a dragon.

It’s also said that The Grey King also took a mermaid as his wife. What is dead may never die.

4. A Lannister always pays his debts

We finally got a look at Casterly Rock in Season 7 but sadly the gold deposits had run dry. Fear not because it’s likely that we’re going to see House Lannister in all its opulent glory in the new spinoff.

This being said, House Casterly originally ruled the gold-rich Westerlands from their mighty seat of Casterly Rock. But their lands and power were swindled from them by a legendary trickster, Lann the Clever.

From this treacherous and cunning man, House Lannister rose. You can see why they’re still the smartest players in the Game of Thrones.

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