9 Incredible Things to See & Do in Iceland!

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If there was an ‘it’ girl of travel destinations, Iceland would be this year’s Regina George. The country is home to some of the world’s most incredible landscapes and natural wonders – leaving you wondering how you’re going to see and do everything in the time you have. If you’re a first time visitor, there are a few things in Iceland you won’t want to miss:


It’s touristy. There’s no denying that. But the Blue Lagoon is a truly interesting experience. If you’ve never bathed in a geothermal spring before why not take your inaugural dip at one of the most famous baths on earth? The Tiffany’s-esque colored water warms up next to incredible lava rock formations, giving way to the perfect landscape. Even better in the winter when the warm glowing spring plays contrast to the misty rain or falling snow. Your Instagram feed will thank you.


The closest thing the island has to a cosmopolitan center, Reykjavík is the perfect place to start your trip and introduce yourself to the country. It is accessible from both the international and domestic airports, and caters heavily to tourism – in Reykjavík you’ll find all major tour companies, rental car dealers, and accommodation options. The capital is also home to a surprising and random assortment of international fare – with everything from Vietnamese pho, Thai noodle soup, American burgers, and traditional Icelandic grub. Needless to say that you won’t go hungry (though you might burn in a hole in your pocket in the process)!

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